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Things to Check When Hiring a Stucco Contractor

February 21, 2020

When it’s applied correctly, stucco can be a gorgeous addition to any home. This unique siding material is sturdy, long-lasting and low maintenance. Stucco is even naturally resistant to fire. Of course, if stucco is installed improperly, it can cause severe problems for homeowners and business owners alike. More often than not, the overall workmanship of your stucco comes down to one major factor: your choice of stucco contractor in Bluffton, SC. If you’re in the market for a qualified stucco contractor, here are some tips to keep in mind. Do your homework Before you begin to interview stucco contractors,... View Article

Is Your Home’s Exterior in Good Shape?

February 7, 2020

Have you been taking good care of your home? Most homeowners have no trouble remembering the basics. You carry out the garbage and clean the inside of your home. You may even be persnickety about the state of your lawn during the summer. But how much thought have you given to the exterior of your house? Though it might seem like one big thing, the outside of your home is actually a complex composite of several parts. The various pieces of your home’s exterior are regularly exposed to wind, rain and snow. As a result, they will inevitably wear down... View Article

Stucco Water Stains and Efflorescence

January 22, 2020

Properly installed stucco lasts for decades and looks great. The advantages of stucco in Bluffton, SC and beyond are numerous. It’s a versatile, durable siding material that coats homes and buildings across the country. Your home’s or business’s stucco is designed to stand up to the elements and still look great—which is why, when you notice something awry, you might start to panic. Sometimes people notice the presence of a mysterious white compound on their stucco, which is called “efflorescence.” The powdery white coating can be cause for alarm if you’ve never seen it before. Read on to learn more... View Article

Does Water Intrusion Happen Behind Stucco?

January 8, 2020

Stucco is a popular exterior wall covering across America, especially in the American Southwest. Its insulating qualities, range of aesthetic options and durability make it a great choice for any area—but is it true that stucco can cause water damage to your building? In short, yes—improperly installed stucco siding can not only allow water intrusion, but contribute to water damage to your building. Do you know what to look for so that you can spot water damage before it causes lasting structural damage? Read on for some helpful stucco maintenance tips in Bluffton, SC. Signs of stucco water damage Have... View Article

How Do I Maintain Exterior Stucco?

December 20, 2019

One of the biggest benefits of stucco is that it is relatively low maintenance. However, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance—it will require a little bit of ongoing care if you are going to keep it in top condition for years to come. The good news is that maintenance is minimal, so long as the installation was done correctly and the process went smoothly. Here’s a quick overview of the basics of stucco care in Bluffton, SC and what you should know about the process. Cleaning The simplest and most common form of stucco maintenance is simply washing the... View Article