Stucco Texture Options

Stucco Texture Options

August 28, 2020

Stucco texturing can add a unique and appealing look to your structure. If you decide this is the technique you would like to use for your home or business, many varieties of stucco texture are available in Bluffton, SC. Following are a few of the most popular types of stucco texturing:

  • Cat face stucco: This design features a smooth surface with patches of rough areas. The patches are referred to as inclusions. The inclusions can vary in shape and size to create the specific design you desire. The pattern is achieved by using a trowel or spraying it on, then it is completed by hand. Cat face stucco requires two coats of finish and usually involves a medium or fine stucco product.
  • Dash finish: These finishes range from fine to heavy and can be applied by hand or sprayed onto the surface. This stucco texturing in Bluffton, SC requires two to three coats for completion. Options include fine, heavy, knockdown and pebble. A dash finish creates a rough surface that can be easily patched.
  • Lace and skip: These trowel textures are what you probably think of when you picture stucco texturing in Bluffton, SC. The design is good for hiding imperfections and is commonly used for both residential and commercial settings. The details can vary, offering slightly different looks. Lace and skip methods can be completed using spray and a trowel. It requires two coats and is available in coarse, medium and fine patterns.
  • Sand: Also referred to as a float finish, a sand finish is created using a trowel and requires only one coat to apply. This finish can be applied in coarse, medium or fine varieties. Its simplicity and ease of repair make it popular for commercial settings.
  • Smooth finishes: This is the most challenging stucco texturing to create in Bluffton, SC. It is applied using a synthetic stucco or a fine cement finish. The look is achieved by using a trowel, and colors can be added to the finish to create a mottled appearance. This finish tends to crack more easily than other stucco textures, and is difficult to patch.
  • Worm/swirl finishes: These stucco textures in Bluffton, SC include large pieces of aggregate. The use of a trowel and these aggregate materials creates grooves or “worms” in the surface. This style requires a synthetic stucco finish and is available in fine, medium and coarse options. This method is one of the more difficult to apply and to patch.

Which stucco texture is right for you?

To choose the best stucco texturing in Bluffton, SC for your property, consult with your local stucco specialists. Spring Construction has been the area’s go-to source for stucco contracting since opening for business in 2005. We specialize in stucco installation on new construction as well as repairs on existing homes or buildings. We also remove and replace EIFS and synthetic stucco with hard coat stucco. Reach us today at 843-247-6862 for a free estimate on your next stucco project. We look forward to working with you soon!

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