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How Stucco Installation Can Increase the Value of Your Home

July 8, 2020

If you’re interested in taking on an exterior home remodeling project that can also increase your home value, you should consider installing stucco. This durable siding material adds aesthetic value to your home while also protecting it from the elements, both of which are key to improving your home value. Here are just a few examples of the ways in which working with a stucco company in Bluffton, SC can help you improve your home value: Enhanced curb appeal: Curb appeal is one factor that will play a role in the value of your home. How attractive is your property... View Article

An Overview of the Different Types of Stucco

June 9, 2020

Believe it or not, stucco is a really versatile material that can be used to customize your home in many different ways. Before you decide how to make your own house a special, personal place for you and your family, you should explore all of your options with stucco. Learn how a stucco installation in Bluffton, SC can transform your abode into a home all your own. Stucco types: Traditional and synthetic One of the things people are most surprised to find out when they look into stucco installation in Bluffton, SC is that there are actually two different types... View Article

Stucco Contractors: How to Choose the Right One

May 26, 2020

Stucco can be a beautiful addition to any home’s interior or exterior. Investing in stucco installation or even repair requires partnering with the right contractor. A trusted, experienced stucco contractor in Bluffton, SC will make all the difference in your next home project, but you have to know what to look for before you hire anyone. Read on for some tips. Research multiple options If you are hiring a stucco contractor in Bluffton, SC, you first want to do some research into all of your options. Look at their websites, ask your family and friends for references and give the... View Article

Six Ways the Construction Industry Is Being Affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak

May 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting Americans and world citizens in every possible area of life, including construction. In late February, the virus was first diagnosed in the United States, and as of late April, we have seen nearly 900,000 confirmed cases and around 50,000 deaths. The full impact of the virus remains to be seen over the next few months or years, but it’s safe to say that we’ll feel the effects for a long time to come. When it comes to construction in Bluffton, SC and beyond, experts predict that the industry will see some major impacts and... View Article

What Exactly Is Stucco, Anyway?

April 24, 2020

You’ve almost certainly come across stucco at some point in your life, even if you weren’t aware of it. It’s a very popular exterior and even interior finish in a wide variety of climates. While it’s most commonly associated with places like the southwestern United States, or places like Florida that see year-round warmth, it is also becoming more common in other more temperate regions of the country. It’s easy to see why stucco has become so popular in Bluffton, SC and beyond—it adds a lot of character to surfaces on which it is applied, and has a lot of... View Article



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