Stucco Repair in Bluffton, SC

Cracks, holes or molding on your building demand repairs before the problem grows worse. For stucco repair in Bluffton, SC you can count on, delivered by knowledgeable professionals, choose Spring Construction. We’re equipped for repairs of any scope, on homes and businesses alike.

Stucco Installation

Home with stucco on the front

Repairing Damaged Stucco

If the stucco is old, not holding up, wasn’t put up right, cracking or sluffing off we remove it, inspect the backing to ensure its quality, and repair any issues with the wood behind it. Then, we install the stucco properly to ensure that it lasts 10 years and beyond! We frequently deal with:

  • Cracks: We’re equipped to deal with hairline cracks, trim cracks, spider cracking, diagonal cracks and more. Whatever the nature or severity of cracking in your stucco, look to us to patch it properly.
  • Holes or gouges: One-coat stucco applications can suffer catastrophic damage over time if they’ve been weakened by the elements. If your façade has developed a hole or deep gouge, give us a call for stucco patchwork in Bluffton
  • Stucco replacement: Poorly installed stucco is only going to continue causing you problems unless it’s replaced properly. Give us a call and let us do the job right. We’ll give you stucco that lasts a decade or more, guaranteed!


Does your building have textured stucco? When we make repairs, we can also mimic the texture of your façade to ensure a truly seamless restoration. We’ll hide any evidence of a repair so that your building looks truly perfect! Our professionals are well-versed in a variety of texture applications and will work diligently to mimic them perfectly.

Restore Your Stucco

If your stucco was installed improperly or damage has befallen your home and compromised your stucco façade, give Spring Construction a call for thorough repairs. From small cracks and damaged sections to entire section replacements where water damage has occurred, rest assured we’re fixing any issues the right way. Call us today at 843-247-6862.