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Be Sure to Consider Climate When Choosing Your Siding!

September 28, 2020

When picking out new siding for your home, it can see easy to opt for whatever looks the best or is the most cost effective. Don’t fall into that trap, though—there are many external factors you need to consider when choosing your siding, especially the climate. Continue reading to learn more about how climate affects your siding and your best house siding options for warm climates like Bluffton, SC: Energy bills: Homeowners could end up paying more money each month if they have the wrong type of siding for our warm climate. Some types of siding allow for more heat... View Article

Choosing One-Coat or Three-Coat Stucco

September 11, 2020

As you are choosing a stucco coating in Bluffton, SC, it is essential to understand the difference between one-coat and three-coat stucco. Each of these involves a different type of stucco installation. Here’s the FAQ to familiarize yourself with these two options. What is three-coat stucco? Three-coat stucco is the basic stucco install in Bluffton, SC. It involves three main coats: the paper and wire coat, the scratch coat and the brown coat. Three-coat stucco also requires a fourth coat, the finish coat, but this is not included in the name because finishing is required for any type of application.... View Article

Stucco Texture Options

August 28, 2020

Stucco texturing can add a unique and appealing look to your structure. If you decide this is the technique you would like to use for your home or business, many varieties of stucco texture are available in Bluffton, SC. Following are a few of the most popular types of stucco texturing: Cat face stucco: This design features a smooth surface with patches of rough areas. The patches are referred to as inclusions. The inclusions can vary in shape and size to create the specific design you desire. The pattern is achieved by using a trowel or spraying it on, then... View Article

An Overview Common Stucco Problems and Solutions

August 11, 2020

One of many advantages of installing stucco to your home is its long lifespan and incredible durability. However, just like everything else, stucco does age over time and eventually begins to show signs of wear and tear. As a trusted stucco repair company in Bluffton, SC, we understand why it’s important for homeowners to know about the common issues that affect this form of concrete plaster. Here are a few things to watch out for. Poor stucco installation Serving as a stucco repair company in Bluffton, SC for 15 years, Spring Construction regularly receives calls about stucco issues that are... View Article

Stucco FAQs

July 28, 2020

Many homes throughout the area and around the country are coated in stucco. This type of cement plaster is an excellent method for finishing building exteriors while also creating the beautiful aesthetic that you envision for your property. As the premier contractor for hard coat stucco in Bluffton, SC, we receive a lot of the same questions about this miracle material. Read on to get the answers you’re after! What is stucco? We’ve all heard the phrase before, but most people don’t actually know what hard coat stucco in Bluffton, SC is and how it can make a big difference... View Article

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