Why You Should Consider Stucco Siding

Why You Should Consider Stucco Siding

May 10, 2021

Is it time to choose or update the siding on your home? There are plenty of options to choose from, but stucco is one of the most versatile and underrated siding materials around. Stucco has been used for thousands of years in buildings, sculptures and even as a base for frescoes. While it has a reputation for being best in areas like the southwestern United States—in other words, dry, hot climates—it works well just about anywhere. Here’s why stucco might just be the best siding choice for your Bluffton, SC home.

It’s classic yet versatile

Stucco goes well with Mediterranean and southwestern architecture, but it can lend its beauty and insulation properties to many home styles. Stucco can be colored, textured or smoothed, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Since it’s so easily manipulated, there’s no end to the number of styles you can create. That’s why it’s considered a classic siding material—the look can be updated to fit new trends, or you can keep it simple and timeless.

You’ll love how cost-effective it is

There are two different types of stucco: “real” stucco, which is made from Portland cement, lime and water, and newer synthetic EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system). Real stucco is applied in a one to three coat process, while EIFS can take up to nine coats before it’s ready to go.

Stucco is cheaper than brick or stone masonry, but it’s usually a bit more expensive than wood or vinyl siding. That’s because of the labor involved—if you want to get the most out of your budget, opt for a one-coat stucco siding. This is applied over a wire mesh (a lath) in a thick coat.

Cut down on siding upkeep with stucco

Another great benefit to stucco is the fact that it requires very little upkeep. However, if you keep up with routine maintenance, it can last around 50 years before it needs to be repaired or replaced. Most siding experts agree that stucco weathers similarly to other types of siding.

If your stucco starts showing signs of wear and tear, all you need to do is apply a fresh coat of paint or a silicone sealant. This is usually necessary every 10 years or so. When you see larger cracks or missing chunks, a stucco contractor can help you patch the damage.

A word of caution

Water can seriously damage your stucco siding. If you opt for stucco, be sure to choose a contractor who will take the time and effort needed to install it correctly. You should also take the opportunity to check your water drainage and rain gutters—if they send water flowing down the sides of your home, your new stucco siding won’t last.

Stucco is a great choice for your home. For more information about how to care for stucco siding, learn more about why it’s the best siding choice in Bluffton, SC or get a quote for your project, call Spring Construction today.

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