Can You Use Stucco Inside Your Home?

Can You Use Stucco Inside Your Home?

December 30, 2020

While stucco is most commonly found on exterior walls, there are also a variety of options for using it in decorative ways indoors. It can add some texture and visual interest to your wall of choice, or could be an effective way of covering defects in the wall that might be difficult to hide with just a coat of paint.

Here’s a quick look at some interior stucco installation ideas you may be interested in bringing into your home remodeling project in Bluffton, SC.

Modern design

If you’re going for a modern look in your remodel, stucco can be used to provide a refined sort of feeling. It adds some texture, and while it might feel a little cold or sterile on its own, it really pops if you contrast it with warm wood tones and textiles. Its ornate nature also allows it to contrast with some of the sleek modern furniture you would have in such a design, which will create some more visual interest.

Creating a vintage look

If you want to create a look with a bit more of a vintage flair, stucco will also work in that setting. The natural textured appeal and visual interest that stucco brings fits in perfectly with vintage interior design. A fireplace could be covered with stucco to create a more vintage appearance, and it could also help you bring a Spanish or Mediterranean flavor to your interior design.

More interesting painted walls

If a standard coat of paint on top of drywall is a little too boring for your tastes, you can add some texture and visual interest by putting down stucco and then painting on top of that.

However, to make the look really work, it’s important that you understand how to paint over interior stucco in Bluffton, SC, as it’s a little more complicated than painting drywall. Make sure you choose the correct type of paint—acrylic latex-based paint or water-based paint with acrylic binders will be your best choices, as either will adhere well to rough, uneven surfaces like stucco. These types of paints come in a variety of colors, and you’ll probably want a matte paint, such as eggshell.

Next, make sure you have the proper tools for the job. You’ll want to use either a thick roller or a synthetic brush. Wide polyester and nylon brushes will help you work around the edges, as they’ll hold a lot of paint and be efficient with pushing it into the texture of the stucco. You’ll need to spend some more time on applying the paint, because it won’t roll on quite as easily as it does on a flat surface like drywall. You’ll also need to spend some time cleaning the stucco surface with a mild detergent and water before you begin, and repair any gaps that might be present in the surface.

For more information about using stucco in an indoor setting and to get some interior stucco installation ideas for your Bluffton, SC home, we encourage you to contact Spring Construction today. Our stucco contractors would be glad to answer your questions!

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