Choosing One-Coat or Three-Coat Stucco

Choosing One-Coat or Three-Coat Stucco

September 11, 2020

As you are choosing a stucco coating in Bluffton, SC, it is essential to understand the difference between one-coat and three-coat stucco. Each of these involves a different type of stucco installation. Here’s the FAQ to familiarize yourself with these two options.

What is three-coat stucco?

Three-coat stucco is the basic stucco install in Bluffton, SC. It involves three main coats: the paper and wire coat, the scratch coat and the brown coat. Three-coat stucco also requires a fourth coat, the finish coat, but this is not included in the name because finishing is required for any type of application.

How is three-coat stucco applied?

Technicians start with asphalt-infused paper. They apply this onto a weather-resistant barrier, then add a layer of chicken wire. The scratch coat, which is the second layer, is made up of cement, lime, sand and water. The last coat, the brown coat, is added with a trowel. The finish coat is also added with a trowel using one of a variety of techniques to create the desired texture.

What are the advantages of choosing three-coat stucco?

Three-coat stucco offers durability. Due to its thickness, three-coat stucco has more strength to withstand wear and tear.

What are the drawbacks of choosing three-coat stucco?

Three-coat stucco may take weeks to apply. It requires time to cure, which means it can be a lengthy process. The additional materials and labor make it a more expensive option than one-coat stucco.

What is one-coat stucco?

This type of stucco coating in Bluffton, SC is a blend of sand, fibers, cement, chemicals and water. This combination of materials makes it possible to reduce the number of layers and steps required to apply the stucco.

How is one-coat stucco applied?

For one-coat stucco applications, technicians apply the stucco over a rigid foam board. The scratch and brown coat steps are combined into one ½-inch coat.

What are the benefits of choosing one-coat stucco?

The main advantage of one-coat stucco is the cost savings. Because it can be completed more quickly than three-coat stucco and requires fewer materials, this method is cheaper. It requires about half the time to finish.

What are the drawbacks of one-coat stucco?

Because one-coat stucco coating in Bluffton, SC is thinner, it is less durable than three-coat stucco. The finish is more susceptible to wear and tear over the years.

Which stucco option is best for my project?

It’s best to consult with an experienced stucco professional to determine the best solution for your setting. These experts can review your budget, goals and other factors to help you decide which stucco install in Bluffton, SC best meets your needs.

Make the best choice

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