Be Sure to Consider Climate When Choosing Your Siding!

Be Sure to Consider Climate When Choosing Your Siding!

September 28, 2020

When picking out new siding for your home, it can see easy to opt for whatever looks the best or is the most cost effective. Don’t fall into that trap, though—there are many external factors you need to consider when choosing your siding, especially the climate. Continue reading to learn more about how climate affects your siding and your best house siding options for warm climates like Bluffton, SC:

  • Energy bills: Homeowners could end up paying more money each month if they have the wrong type of siding for our warm climate. Some types of siding allow for more heat transfer, meaning the interior of your home will be hotter, and you’ll have to keep your AC on longer. The longer you run the AC, the higher your energy bill will be.
  • Comfort level: As a general rule, when there’s more heat transfer in your home, you’re likely to be much less comfortable. The interior of your home could feel hot and stuffy on balmy summer afternoons. Thankfully, this issue can be solved by choosing climate-based house siding in Bluffton, SC. Going with a material made for warm climates, like stucco, can help keep your home cooler on hot days.
  • Maintenance: Whether you have brick, vinyl, wood or anything in between, you’ll need to do a little basic maintenance to keep your siding in good shape. Be sure to choose a siding that won’t succumb to our humid climate. For example, wood siding might not be the best choice because it could begin to rot due to the humidity in the air.

Benefits of stucco siding

When it comes to house siding options for warm climates like Bluffton, SC, it’s tough to beat stucco. Here are a few reasons why our customers choose stucco over other types of siding:

  • Interior temperature: The main reason homeowners in hot climates choose stucco is that it keeps the interior of the house cool, even on scorching-hot summer days. On top of feeling cooler and more comfortable while relaxing inside, homeowners with stucco siding don’t need to run the AC day and night. By choosing stucco, you could save a ton of money each year!
  • Low maintenance: We mentioned above how maintenance is always something to consider in our humid climate. To ensure you have to do as little maintenance as possible, go with stucco. Besides cleaning it, stucco doesn’t require very much DIY maintenance. Just be sure to call a professional to make repairs as soon as you notice any flaws in the siding.
  • Appearance: Last, but certainly not least, stucco looks fantastic! Although it’s typically thought of as a gray, white or beige color, stucco is easy to paint. Stucco can be painted in any color you wish to complement the appearance of your roof or go along with the landscaping at your home.

How is your siding looking?

If your siding is cracked, fading or just not looking its best, call the professionals at Spring Construction. We specialize in repairs and new installation of stucco, the most effective climate-based house siding in Bluffton, SC.

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