COVID-19 Update: Housing Construction

COVID-19 Update: Housing Construction

April 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant disruption in the everyday lives of Americans. As South Carolina’s state government works to handle the crisis, there have been numerous new developments regarding what is considered an essential business. Many of our clients are wondering if their stucco installation or repair can continue at this time.

The short answer is “yes.” Governor Henry McMaster recently issued an Executive Order with a “home-or-work” order for the citizens of South Carolina. Under this order, residents can leave their house to go to work (if deemed an essential business), visit family, exercise and obtain essential goods, such as groceries or household supplies. No changes have been made to what had been previously declared an essential business.

We are pleased to report that housing construction in Bluffton, SC, as well as related construction and real estate services, are specifically set forth as “essential businesses.” That means that Spring Construction and other businesses like ours may continue to operate, as long as we comply with the social distancing requirements set forth in the order.

Do I need any special documents during construction?

There are no documents necessary for a homeowner or construction worker to prove that they hired or work for an essential business. However, each member of our team will carry a letter naming them as an integral part of the construction industry. Our workers will provide this letter upon request to any relevant authorities. As businesses in the construction industry have been deemed essential, they will be allowed to continue operations so long as they comply with social distancing—and homeowners will be able to continue with their previously-scheduled stucco repair or installation.

How does social distancing work in housing construction?

We’re pleased to continue to serve our clients in the Bluffton area. When we come to work on your home, our team will wear the appropriate health and safety gear as required by law, and follow social distancing requirements with you. To help protect your health and the health of our workers, our goal is to:

  • Frequently sanitize “high traffic” areas: Items like doorknobs, door handles and tools need to be sanitized often so as not to spread the virus. When necessary, we’ll ask you to prop doors open so we don’t have to unnecessarily touch surfaces. If we need to use light switches, meter boxes or other equipment, we’ll wipe them down.
  • Wear personal protective equipment: Gloves and masks are recommended by the CDC for slowing the spread of transmission. Our workers will come equipped with any necessary gear.
  • Stay six feet apart whenever possible: We will make every effort to stay six feet away from each other as well as your family whenever possible.

Housing construction in Bluffton, SC

When you need expert stucco or EIFS installation and repair, Spring Construction can help. Our team offers a 10-year transferable warranty on our labor and materials. You’ll love our quality workmanship and great service—call us today to get a quote and book your installation or repair.

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