An Overview of the Benefits of Stucco

An Overview of the Benefits of Stucco

December 6, 2019

Stucco is a type of siding material made out of a mixture of Portland cement, lime, sand and water. It is frequently applied over lath in about three coats (sometimes more), and not only offers extra aesthetic value to homes that use it, but also makes for a very durable exterior.

If you’re working on a home renovation or residing project, you might be wondering whether or not stucco is worth the investment or if it’s the right choice for your home. With this in mind, here are a few examples of some advantages of stucco in Bluffton, SC that you should consider in the planning phase of your project:

  • Energy savings: The several layers of stucco form what essentially amounts to a concrete shell around the home. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about as much heat transfer in and out of the home. This means stucco homes, especially when well-insulated, will not require as much energy usage to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This both reduces your carbon footprint and also cuts down on the amount of money you have to spend on your monthly energy bills.
  • Less sound transmission: Stucco can also help to get rid of some of the noises you might hear coming from outside. If you live in a densely populated neighborhood or are located right next to a busy street, this can be beneficial, as it will make for a much more peaceful lifestyle inside of your home, allowing you to shut out nearby sounds.
  • Safety: Stucco is known for being fire retardant, which makes it an especially ideal choice for areas that see a lot of grass or forest fires. You’ll find a lot of stucco homes out west in wildfire territory for this very reason.
  • Rot resistant: Stucco is highly resistant to rot, mold and mildew, because it doesn’t suck up moisture to the same extent as some other common building materials. This means you can expect it to last for years without moisture affecting its structural integrity.
  • Great investment: Although stucco can represent a sizable initial investment due to the cost of materials and installation, you’ll save quite a bit of money in the long run because of the longevity of the material and the ease of maintenance. In some cases, you can expect stucco to last more than 50 years, depending on the climate in your area and your ability to stay on top of maintenance.
  • Versatility: Stucco installation is a relatively quick process, and the good news is that it will work on many different types of homes, including homes that have concrete masonry or wood frames. In using it, you will have more options for the exterior décor of your home. You can choose the color of the finished product without limitation, as the contractor can mix to the exact color you want.

For more information about stucco benefits in Bluffton, SC, reach out to the experts at Spring Construction today.

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