Does Winter Weather Affect Stucco?

Does Winter Weather Affect Stucco?

October 2, 2019

As we head into the colder months, we naturally put many of our home improvement projects on pause until the spring. However, you might be looking at your home’s exterior and wondering if stucco is right for your home. Can it stand up to South Carolina’s weather—including cold temperatures, heavy storms and even hurricanes?

The short answer? Yes! Stucco is an ideal material for this area, since it’s extremely durable and weather-resistant. Stucco is made of cement, sand, lime and water, and is usually applied over a mesh on the home’s exterior. This lends itself to a variety of options for color and style, enabling you to create an elegant yet unique look for your individual home.

Here are a few of the reasons our stucco contractors in Bluffton, SC love this material so much:

  • Durability: When stucco is installed, a barrier goes on first to prevent any moisture from seeping into your home. That’s because stucco is made out of cement and is therefore porous. Adding the extra barrier ensures that your home’s structure will stay cool and dry no matter what the mercury outside registers.
  • Easily repaired: No exterior is perfect, and if your home is constantly exposed to standing water, ice or snow buildup, it may crack or retain moisture. The good news is that stucco is easily repaired. Even if your stucco cracks during the extreme winter months, Spring Construction can come back and repair it, giving your home a flawless finish.
  • Unaffected by cold weather: Unlike some other exterior materials, stucco is largely unaffected by cold temperatures alone, and can be applied in above-freezing weather. That’s why we recommend stucco for most homes in the Bluffton, SC area. Our weather patterns are ideal for a stucco finish, and it also looks great!
  • Great insulation: With colder temperatures come bigger heating bills. Choosing stucco for your home’s exterior will actually help you cut down on heating costs. Because the stucco provides heavy insulation, it can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which is why it’s so popular in hot and cool climates alike.

At Spring Construction, we think the choice is clear: stucco installation is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. With its durability and insulation, you’ll save money, and with its beautiful appearance and ease of repair, you’ll be able to enjoy your lovely home for years to come.

Work with our stucco contractors in Bluffton, SC

When you choose stucco for your home’s exterior, you need to choose the best contractor to get the job done. Spring Construction is the premier stucco contractor in Bluffton, SC for stucco and EIFS installations. We’re veterans when it comes to installing and repairing all types of stucco and EIFS, bringing you quality workmanship and an unbeatable 10-year transferrable warranty. We welcome jobs of all sizes on homes and businesses alike. Leave your stucco issues to the experts by calling us today for a free estimate!

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