What Is Retexture Stucco?

What Is Retexture Stucco?

August 12, 2019

If you’re considering a stucco installation in Bluffton, SC, you’ll want to be familiar with all the available textures and options before choosing the look of your new home, business or other commercial property. There are several different stucco textures that you can go with, and each one brings its own characteristics and uniqueness to the style. Learn more about the different stucco texture options below:

  • Lace and skip trowel textures: Lace and skip trowel textures are probably the most popular textures among stucco finishes. They’re common because they easily hide imperfections and can be used for almost any residential or commercial building. They’re most commonly done with traditional stucco, but it’s possible to use acrylic materials as well. Most of the time, these textures are applied by hand. However, they can also be sprayed on and then flattened with a trowel. They’re done in two coats: usually a base coat is applied, and then the textured coat is applied afterwards. It can be installed in a find, medium or coarse pattern.
  • Cat face textures: The cat face textures in stucco are mostly smooth, with some rough areas in between. The areas of texture can vary from small to large, and can also be different shapes and sizes throughout the finish, creating a unique look for every surface. You can get this look with either synthetic or traditional stucco, and the look can vary greatly depending on the size, shape and appearance of the textured spots. Get this look in only two coats of finish and you can either trowel or spray on the stucco with a fine or medium stucco mix.
  • Dash finishes: Dash finishes are flexible in style and application as well. They can be sprayed on in light, heavy or medium volume for different looks. However, they can also be hand-applied in small areas and usually take two or three coats to complete the look. They range from fine finishes to heavier finishes and can vary greatly depending on the applicant. They’re easily patched and retextured upon repair, and are great for new stucco installations in Bluffton, SC. However, the roughness of the surface after it dries sometimes limits the audience that this texture is intended for.
  • Sand finishes: Also called float finishes, sand finishes are very simple and popular in commercial buildings and applications. The stucco is troweled down and finished using a float and quick strokes. This one is the easiest to apply, and can be done in one coat. It’s flexible, can be found in fine, medium and coarse finishes and is easy to patch and match the textures upon retexturing.
  • Smooth finishes: Smooth finishes are increasingly popular, but are one of the more difficult looks to achieve correctly in stucco installation in Bluffton, SC. They offer a clean and uniform look and are used with fine finishes. You can use a pool trowel to get this look.

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