Can You Apply New Stucco Over Old Stucco?

Can You Apply New Stucco Over Old Stucco?

July 29, 2019

If you’re in need of stucco repair in Bluffton, SC at your home or business, you may be wondering what the best way to apply new stucco is. For either residential or commercial construction projects that utilize stucco, if applied right, it should hold up for years. However, you may find that over time, you’ll need to refresh or invest in stucco repair in Bluffton, SC. If you have existing stucco that could use a refreshing, it’s possible to apply new stucco over the old, if done correctly. Read on for more information about tackling this job effectively.

Preparing the old stucco

If you have existing stucco on your building that you want to apply stucco over, first you’ll need to make sure the existing stucco still has sufficient structural integrity. You may find that you have cracks, which will form naturally over time in any concrete-based surface. Cracks will not interfere with the application of new stucco. However, you’ll want to look for sections of loose stucco and knock them off with a hammer.

After removing any loose sections of the old stucco, sweep the surface clean. You’ll want to sweep and whisk the entire surface on which you want to place new stucco. You can use a broom to clear loose particles and other debris. A pressure washer can also be used to scour the surface clear and prime it for the next layer. However, make sure you use regular water on a pressurized swath setting, and do not apply direct streams of water to the surface or use intense water jet features that could peel away the surface. Then, allow two or three days for the surface to fully dry.

Applying the new stucco

At this point, your stucco is ready to apply a new layer for stucco repair in Bluffton, SC. You’ll want to apply a layer of bonding agent to the top of the existing stucco with a paintbrush or sprayer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which you should be able to find on the product itself. Then, let it dry. Meanwhile, mix up your new stucco in a cement mixer. The bag of stucco mix should tell you the right proportions of water and mix. You can then easily transfer your mix in a wheelbarrow to the area you need to work on.

Use a flat trowel to apply the new layer of stucco. This new layer should be between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch thick. Work from the bottom of the wall and pull the mix up to get the best results. Your trowels can help you mold the stucco into the right texture and look that you desire.

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