How Often Should You Paint Your Stucco?

How Often Should You Paint Your Stucco?

May 15, 2019

Stucco is a material with a rich history. For hundreds of years, it has proven to be an excellent coating for homes due to its durability. The modern version of stucco is made from a combination of sand, cement and lime. Many homeowners add paint to the stucco to improve its lifespan and bring a bit of color to their home.

Of course, like all materials, stucco will need to be repainted to ensure that the color remains vibrant and fresh. Hiring a qualified stucco contractor in Bluffton, SC is the way to go when you’re thinking about painting stucco siding. Here are some tips when it comes time to repaint stucco siding.

  • When to repaint: A single application of paint to stucco can last a long time, even decades. In most cases, you’ll want to evaluate the home’s paint every five to ten years to keep it fresh. This is somewhat dependent on the weather conditions. It’s also worth noting that stucco may be prone to cracks. These may not be serious and often are easily coverable with paint. Along with adding caulk prior to painting, you can easily ensure that hairline cracks don’t spread.
  • Applying paint properly: It’s important to thoroughly clean the stucco siding of grime and debris prior to applying any paint. This typically requires pressure-washing the exterior of the home. This is because paint acts in the same way glue does, so any other material will prevent the paint from bonding with the home’s walls.
  • Weather conditions: Climate has a significant effect on how often you’ll need to repaint. In warmer and drier climates, efflorescence may result. In this condition, salt in the stucco material surface, resulting in patchy white spots forming on the siding. In wetter conditions, like in South Carolina, stucco may absorb too much moisture that then leaks into the interior of the home. Painting can help mitigate this problem by sealing out moisture.
  • Paint quality: It’s important to use high-quality paint as this will result in a more durable finish. It can also prevent problems like moisture leaking and efflorescence. The additional investment upfront will pay off over the long run.
  • Maintenance: Stucco doesn’t require much maintenance, but periodic cleaning may be necessary. This can be done simply with a hose and some household cleaning products. Make sure you’re using environmentally-friendly cleaning products outdoors!

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