Tips for Preventing Water Damage to Your Stucco

Tips for Preventing Water Damage to Your Stucco

April 1, 2019

As we’ve talked about before, stucco is one of the best siding options for your home or business. It’s great appearance and low installation and maintenance costs make it a no-brainer for anyone adding new siding.

Although it’s great at protecting your home from the elements, stucco is vulnerable to water damage. Dripping pipes, leaky roofs and other sources of rogue water wreak havoc on stucco, which necessitates potentially expensive stucco repair in Bluffton, SC. The good news is that preventing water damage isn’t all that hard. This post will teach you some easy ways to protect your stucco from nasty water damage:

  • Choose the right installer: Your first defense in protecting your stucco from water damage is choosing the right team to install it. Experienced pros know how to seamlessly install stucco, ensuring that there are no cracks that would allow moisture to seep through and wreak havoc on your walls. Before you hire a stucco installer, be sure to check their credentials to make sure they’re up to the task.
  • Seal it up: Stucco is water resistant, but not waterproof. Even the smallest crack can allow water into the wall, which will eventually require repairs. Your stucco installation team should seal the stucco after putting it on, protecting your walls from that water, but this is not always going to be the case, especially if you hire an inexperienced crew. If your stucco was never sealed or if it’s been a while since you’ve had it sealed, we recommend calling our pros as soon as possible to have it done.
  • Look for cracks: It should go without saying that any cracks in your stucco will allow water to get inside, eventually creating big problems for your walls. Take a few minutes to walk around the outside of your home and check for those cracks. If you see any, pick up the phone and call our team right away. We’ll send out a crew to patch up those cracks and block moisture from penetrating the walls.
  • Hire a professional inspector: Those visible cracks aren’t the only potential sources of entry for water. Gaps around your doorways and windows allow water to slip inside the walls, slowly eroding the stucco material and requiring stucco repair in Bluffton, SC. Your untrained eye might not be able to detect those gaps, which is why we recommend hiring a professional. One of our pros can take a look at your house and tell for sure whether or not you have any problem areas in your walls.
  • Make plumbing repairs as soon as possible: Burst pipes or leaks within your plumbing system should always be addressed quickly, regardless of the type of siding you have, but homeowners with stucco need to be extra vigilant and call a plumber as soon as they notice a leak. The longer you wait to fix a plumbing problem, the worse off your stucco siding will be.

If your stucco has been damaged, be sure to choose Spring Construction to fix it up. Give us a call today to find out why we’re your go-to choice for any type of stucco repair in Bluffton, SC!

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