The Latest Advancements in EIFS in Bluffton, SC

The Latest Advancements in EIFS in Bluffton, SC

February 28, 2019

Are you familiar with EIFS in Bluffton, SC? This product has become common in the construction industry. EIFS is now considered by many to be a staple in building projects. However, it is only due to the latest advancements in EIFS in Bluffton, SC that this system has gained popularity.

Here’s a brief overview of where EIFS has been and what this system can offer to builders today. If you have any questions about EIFS in Bluffton, SC, don’t hesitate to contact your local contractor.


Before learning a bit of history about EIFS, it’s important to know exactly what this is. EIFS stands for “exterior insulation and finishing system.” This is a lightweight, synthetic cladding. The multi-layered wall system features insulation that is built into the EIFS. It includes expanded polystyrene insulation board that is covered with glass fiber mesh.


Early designs of EIFS used an adhesive that bonded the insulation board to the building. While manufacturers were happy about the capabilities and affordability of these systems, the systems had one major flaw: they failed to drain moisture. Once water seeped behind the finish coating, it had no way to escape. As a result, the moisture remained trapped in the walls and caused rot.

EIFS manufacturers faced litigation over these issues, but they were able to resolve the situation by redesigning the system.


The new EIFS design includes options for moisture to escape the walls. Systems now include a drainage plane and a barrier between the insulation and the sheathing that is weather resistant. Drainage happens through the use of vertically toweled mortar or a grooved composite board. The solution has worked wonders for the EIFS industry. As of 2009, drainable EIFS was labeled as acceptable for use per commercial and residential building codes by the International Code Council.


What’s in store for EIFS in the future?

As more companies and industries are looking for green, sustainable solutions, designers are turning to EIFS for answers. With previous flaws resolved, the system now offers what some consider the best available cladding option on the market. It provides the energy efficiency that many builders are looking for to meet new standards and reduce costs.

Modern systems feature versatile synthetic coatings that allow EIFS to mimic almost any finish the builder desires, from wood to stone to metal. It can also be customized to climate and location. At a fraction of the cost of real metal or other materials, and with improved energy efficiency, EIFS has become a choice solution for many builders.

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