What to Consider When Choosing Colors for Stucco Installation in Bluffton, SC

What to Consider When Choosing Colors for Stucco Installation in Bluffton, SC

January 22, 2019

You are planning your property’s exterior. Your options for finishes are nearly limitless. As you decide on a color for your stucco installation in Bluffton, SC, what should you consider? Since the colors you choose will have a great affect on the aesthetics of the property, it’s important to weigh your options appropriately.

To select the best colors for stucco installation in Bluffton, SC, use the following guide. These top considerations will help you create a sharp exterior you love.

What does the color look like in natural light?

Don’t make your selection based on an interior viewing of the color. Remember, your property’s exterior will be seen in natural light. Indoor lighting can greatly affect the appearance of colors. Go outside to view your options and make your selection.

What catches your eye?

Take a drive and look at other properties. What do you find yourself drawn to? Cool colors? Dramatic tones? Use this experience to guide your choice in color for your own stucco installation in Bluffton, SC.

What are the undertones?

As you discover what colors you like, consider the underlying tone as well as the basic shade. Is the brown that you like a bit pink? Does it have undertones of gold? Keep the undertones in mind as you choose your color, as they can have a large impact on how the finish appears and what colors work well together.

How many colors should you use?

A good rule of thumb is no more than three and no less than two. A nice contrast makes an attractive exterior. Choose your main color and a second for the trim, garage door, etc.

What colors work well together?

As you choose your accent color, look for something in the same color family as your main selection. Try something that is two shades lighter or darker. If you are using an accent color that is very dark or extremely light, you can stray from this general rule.

What about the shingles?

Keep the shingles in mind as you choose your colors for stucco installation in Bluffton, SC. These will probably be black or dark gray. These dark shingles typically create a darker feel for the paint. If you have weathered wood shingles, these tend to accent cooler tones and make those hues stand out.

What will the final installation look like?

Colors appear different at different times of day. Go ahead and do a sample. You can always paint over it. Put a bit on the property and look at it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Notice how the color changes throughout the day and verify that you are happy with its appearance 24/7 before you apply the color to your entire stucco installation in Bluffton, SC.

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