Benefits of EIFS in Bluffton, SC

Benefits of EIFS in Bluffton, SC

January 8, 2019

What construction projects are on your calendar this year? Have you planned out your finishing system yet? As you weigh your options, you should consider EIFS in Bluffton, SC.

Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) offer several benefits to your project and your finished building. This quality building cladding system provides a finished surface that offers the following advantages.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that wall construction is one of the greatest points of heat and air conditioning loss? Improving your wall insulation can make a significant impact on your energy use. To improve your energy conservation, utilize EIFS. This will add to the R-value of the building and can reduce air loss by more than 50 percent. For new construction, this improved insulation can mean the ability to use lower-capacity HVAC equipment while still providing a comfortable interior.


You want your building’s exterior to weather any storm it encounters. You also want it to last, while requiring minimal maintenance to look sharp. Wood, stucco and other materials require frequent painting. EIFS in Bluffton, SC features an acrylic binder that makes it resistant to yellowing, fading and chalking. Over time, it keeps its original appearance.

EIFS also resists mildew and dirt. This helps keep your property looking clean and improves its curb appeal. Rather than requiring a new coat of paint every few years, the finish can easily be cleaned by hosing it down.

EIFS in Bluffton, SC also absorbs building movement when the property expands or contracts. This makes it resistant to cracks. By using EIFS in Bluffton, SC, you can avoid the unsightly cracks that are so common with other types of exteriors.

Fire Resistance

Fires can prove devastating to susceptible properties. Fortunately, EIFS in Bluffton, SC offers major fire resistance for your building. It passes top-level fire standards for ignitability, multi-story tests and fire resistance.

Moisture Control

Do you want a solid moisture barrier for your building? Compared to fiber cement, stucco and brick, EIFS in Bluffton, SC is a better performer. It is one of the most water-resistant surfaces you can use for your property. Without it, moisture may work its way into your property, causing damage to the structure and internal systems. With it, your property has a strong shield against moisture to protect it from water damage.


Do you want to give your property a unique, attractive exterior? EIFS in Bluffton, SC looks like stone or stucco, but the material is much more versatile. Choose from a large selection of textures and a nearly limitless variety of colors. Create nearly any shape or design you can imagine. Add arches, moldings and other decorative accents not possible with other materials due to construction or cost limitations. EIFS gives you the flexibility to create the exterior finish you desire for your property.

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Would you like to learn more about EIFS in Bluffton, SC and how it can benefit your next project? Contact the experts at Spring Construction. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have or to help you get started.

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