EIFS installation in Bluffton, SC

Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) look like traditional stucco, but can be had for much less and can be installed much quicker. There are pros and cons to an EIFS installation in Bluffton, SC for your home or business, but the pros can far outweigh the cons if your EIFS façade is installed properly by the professionals at Spring Construction!

We specialize in EIFS installations for commercial buildings, however our abilities also extend to residential homes looking for quality EIFS. We make sure every new installation is done right and all repairs are thoroughly executed, including inspecting, removing damage or improperly mounted materials, repairing the wood backing as necessary and replacing the EIFS properly.

Home with Stucco Exterior

What is EIFS?

EIFS in Bluffton, SC is a synthetic stucco that’s more lightweight than traditional stucco, allowing it to be more easily installed, more quickly, at a more affordable price. Instead of going through the traditional three-coat hard stucco process, EIFS can be installed using mesh instead of lath, applied quickly with great results. The final façade looks like stucco, giving you the appeal you want for a fraction of the time and price.

The downfall of EIFS is that if it’s not installed properly, it could develop issues down the line. Moisture can build up behind the EIFS and cause mold or rot if not allowed to drain. And, if the coating itself isn’t properly applied, it can suffer from premature cracking or weathering.

We’re EIFS Experts!

At Spring Construction, we’re cognizant of the steps required to make EIFS work, which means we take the steps to install your EIFS right the first time! We’ll install synthetic stucco properly, so you’re not left dealing with moisture damage, material sloughing off, cracking or other damages. Instead, you’ll get a façade that looks great and stands the test of time—guaranteed for up to 10 years!

Get EIFS Installation

If you’re interested in an EIFS installation or need a seasoned professional to assist you in repairing yours, Spring Construction is ready to help. We know how to properly install and repair EIFS to avoid some of the common faults that develop in poor installations. Contact us today at 843-247-6862. and let us show you the power of quality work, done right.